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“It Is Easy To Find A Good Tiler But Difficult To Find A Great Tiler”

HQA Super Tiling specialise in full tiling services:

icon3 Paving:

It is great to relax and enjoy a barbecue party in natural space of natural stone.

Let us work for you; we will create a great paving. That will make you satisfied with.

You can see our last work in picture 2.We have used the natural stone for tiling with high quality adhesives, grouts.

This job have been finished just within 3 days.

HP Banner 3  Paving3

icon6 Living room tiling:

Walking into the house, the living room often make the strong impression on all of us so it is the main face of the house.

Super HQA Tiling will make your living room become luxurious with modern tiles .We ensure that the correct materials will be used for the different types of surface.

In this work, we have used ceramics used for floor and natural stones for the fish pool. That makes this living room really outstanding.

This job have been completed within 10 days

LivingRoom4  Untitled11

icon5 Kitchen room tiling:

The kitchen is the special space for women. Let’s create a great and comfortable place for your woman.

Super HQA tiling will make a beautiful kitchen for you (see kitchen in photo 1). We have used ceramics for the floor and natural stones for the wall and stair. This combination has made the kitchen a natural space full of fun.

The work has been finished within 3 weeks.

HP Banner6  Kitchen1 

icon1 Bedroom tiling:

The bed room is an important place where you can relax after a hard working day. It is fantastic when you relax in our professional tiling.

In this job, Ceramic has been used for the floor and mosaic for the wall. We use only high quality adhesives, grouts, trims & other accessories.

We have completed these bedroom tiling jobs in just three days and we have one more satisfied customer now.

Bedroom4  Bedroom5

icon2 Bathroom Tiling:

98% of the bath room is damaged by water, so water proofing is the most important part to make your bath room existing for a long time.

We are experts in waterproofing and bathroom makeovers. Whether you just want to re-tile your floors or walls, or completely start again, we can provide.

You can completely redesign your bathroom. Renovating your bathroom can make a huge difference to the look of your home.

Bathroom2  Bathroom6

icon2 Floor Tiling

In this house, we have used the Porcelains tiles for the main area and Mosaics for the border of floor with high quality adhesives, grouts.

It makes the entrance of this house really impressive.

This work has been completed within 1 week with the satisfaction of the owner.

Paving322  Untitled

We also offer

  • Laundry tiling
  • Restroom Tiling
  • Waterproofing
  • Screeding
  • Plastering
  • Renovation

At HQA Super Tiling, our belief is QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. We always finish the job on time with high quality standard to satisfy our customers.