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Bathroom Tiling & Waterproofing In Melbourne

We are experts in waterproofing and bathroom tiling. Whether you just want to re-tile your floors, walls or completely start again, we can provide expert service all the way. Bathroom tiling is very important due to the high moisture levels that the tiles need to cope with and getting the right tiles are vital.

HQA Super Tiling’s professional team in Melbourne will provide you the bathroom tiling solutions which will help you create your perfect bathroom.

93% of the bathrooms are damaged by water, so waterproofing is the most important part to make your bathroom existing for many years.

We understand the importance of bathroom waterproofing and use top quality waterproofing systems. Our experienced team in Melbourne is licensed in bathroom waterproofing and waterproofing application.

The seven main reasons why waterproofing fails:

  • No or ineffective bond breaker( they take up all perimeter movements)
  • Not cured or dried
  • Incompatibility (between membrane and silicone bond breaker or adhesive not compatible the membrane
  • Too thin, (tiles delaminate by breaking the bond)
  • Too thick, (sometimes the product will shrink, crack)
  • Damaged before tiled over or pin holes in membrane.
  • Incorrect surface preparation, (priming, etc.)